Sunshades put the sun under the shadow of a good sunscreen effect

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Rainy weather, walking in the street, the hot sun tan was flustered. Into the summer, hot sun is the number one enemy of the skin, choose a good umbrella can greatly reduce the lethality of the sun. But the face of the uneven quality of the market on the parasol, how to choose a real "umbrella"? And how to correctly use the sun umbrella, to extend its life?

When you choose to buy labels, colors and materials

"Every beauty girl has a heart do not want to be tanned, it is estimated that a few days without a sun umbrella at noon to completely go out." Office workers Xiao Zhao said that because of their work outside the regular business, big noon Street activities are commonplace. But the sun umbrella on the market too much, different sizes, all kinds of materials, it is difficult to identify.

Weinan Henderson Pedestrian Street, a brand umbrella sales staff, select the first time to see the sun umbrella labels. Mainly to see the protection index, that is, UPF and UVA values, only UPF greater than 40, and the UVA transmittance of less than 5%, in order to become UV products. The higher the UPF value, the better the UV protection. In general, the market most of the sun umbrella labeled "UPF50 +", its protective function has been enough.

Followed by the color. The biggest difference between umbrellas and other umbrellas is a UV coating to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet light. In the case of the same fabric, the dark umbrella shade better.

Finally, according to the choice of fabric, umbrella thick, the fabric more closely the fabric anti-ultraviolet performance is better, compared to cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics, polyester and more sunscreen. To know the sunscreen sunshade effect, may wish to try the sun. The deeper the shadow, the lower the transmittance of the umbrella sunscreen the better.

The best umbrella sun umbrella special

"Rain can block the rain, sunny can shade", daily life, many people used to umbrella umbrella.

"Umbrella small and exquisite, on the bag almost no place, so the summer umbrella umbrella umbrella, both rain and sun, very convenient." Ms Zhang said the public, but the sun umbrella can really use To the rain, most people do not have a clear concept.

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