Three strokes teach you to select umbrellas

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Midsummer season, the scorching sun, strong ultraviolet radiation may cause some harm to the human body, this time, sun protection work is particularly important, a variety of sun protection measures Qi battle. However, if the method is not right, then complete sun protection measures may also be of no avail.

Six categories of people must be sunscreen

1, fair-skinned experts said the more people the more white skin more attention to the sun. This is because the light color of the people are more sensitive to light, more prone to sunburn, which is the probability of yellow skin cancer risk is slightly less than whites one of the factors.

2. Children and adolescence Childhood is the most sensitive period of ultraviolet light, because the child's skin, eye tissue are more fragile, coupled with their more outdoor activities, exposure to sunlight in the year the time is more than twice as adults , So more to do sun protection work. Studies have shown that although skin cancer frequently occurs in middle age, but most of the UV damage suffered by people in their lives occurred before the age of 18. The risk of developing melanoma is increased by 80% if there are 5 or more episodes of sunburn from 15 to 20 years of age, the study suggests.

If you find yourself exposed to the sun once, it is prone to peeling, swelling, blisters and other issues, indicating that you may be sensitive to light, the need to strengthen the sun.

4. People who wear contact lenses from a disease perspective, with acne, dermatitis, keratitis, wearing contact lenses, should pay special attention to sunscreen.

5. outdoor workers for a long time to stay outside the crowd, such as traffic police, construction workers, welders, farmers or drivers, by UV more natural. Especially in the mountains, seabed, water, sand, concrete buildings or snow, etc., vulnerable to the invasion of UV reflection, to pay special attention.

6. taking antihypertensive drugs in Europe and the United States study found that taking antibiotics, diuretics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, oral contraceptives, antihypertensive drugs, will make the skin more sensitive to light.

Three strokes teach you to choose the right umbrella

First, look at the label to see the main protection index, the UPF and UVA value, only UPF greater than 40, and UVA transmittance of less than 5%, can be called UV products, UPF value is greater, the better the anti-ultraviolet performance. In general, most of the market marked as "UPF50 +", the protection function has been enough.

Second, look at the same color in the fabric of the case, the dark umbrella UV effect better. The biggest difference between umbrellas and other umbrellas is a UV coating to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet light.

Third, look at the fabric thick umbrella, fabric tight anti-UV fabric performance is better, compared to cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics, polyester and more sunscreen. To know the sunscreen sunshade effect, try to the sun, the deeper the shadow, the lower the light transmittance umbrella sunscreen the better.

When buying umbrellas, be sure to choose branded products. Regular manufacturers will use the brand identity in multiple places, such as umbrella seams and so on. In addition, the rain will corrosion UV coating, it is best to separate the umbrellas an

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